Industry Solutions

It’s vital for organisations in the Manufacturing, Facilities Management, Utilities and Transport industries to effectively track, analyse and manage maintenance information. Maintenance Connection’s cutting-edge software solutions allow maintenance personnel to seamlessly perform these complex processes through an intuitive and easy-to-use interface.  




For organisations in the Manufacturing industry to be competitive, they need instant and up-to-date availability of inventory. They must comply with regulatory requirements and ensure their manufacturing processes are extremely efficient.

Maintenance Connection’s CMMS software is designed to meet these needs. Our easy-to-use interface allows maintenance staff to perform condition-based maintenance via asset specifications and SCADA integration. It can maximise your projection schedules by scheduling work based on shifts, and streamline your Manufacturing assets.


Key features:

  • Effective shutdown planning

  • Powerful reporting tools

  • Integrated KPI Dashboard

  • Automatic notifications

  • Downtime analysis

  • Manages rotatable spare parts and tools

  • Unparalleled service and support


Some of our Manufacturing clients include:

  • Visy Packaging

  • News Corp Australia

  • Mrs Mac’s Pies

  • Dalby Bio-Refinery

  • Discovery Foods

  • Toyo Tires

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  Facility Managment


Asset-intensive organisations in the Facility Management industry need to achieve the optimal balance between operations and maintenance.

Maintenance Connection will increase your efficiency across the whole asset lifecycle, improving visibility and managing your critical lease and contract information.

The integrated service requester provides a cost-effective method for tenants and on-site staff to access real-time status updates. The project module is the ideal tool to manage the cost and work schedules of refurbishments and construction projects.

Key features:


  • Powerful reporting tools

  • Integrated KPI Dashboard for excellent visibility

  • Environment monitoring

  • Automatic assignment of contractors

  • Duplicate detector

  • Graphical assignment calendar

  • Unparalleled service and support


Some of our Facility Management clients include:

  • Cambridge Assessment

  • K-MAC Facility Management

  • Frontier Services

  • United Petroleum

  • Southern Cross Care

  • Voyages


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Stringent regulatory requirements are critical to power, water, oil and gas organisations. The ultimate goal of all utilities is to improve safety and reliability while reducing costs by better work scheduling.

Maintenance Connection provides a simple, mobile solution to meet these needs. It integrates seamlessly with GIS systems to provide instant, relevant information to those who need it – where they’re working. It also ensures your organisation is compliant with regulatory requirements.


Key features:


  • Flexible and mobile applications

  • Calibrations and maintenance scheduling

  • Powerful reporting tools

  • Effective shutdown planning

  • Audit history

  • Project Management module

  • SCADA and GIS integration


Some of our Utilities clients include:


  • APA Group

  • EIM

  • EKB

  • Hamilton City Council

  • QGC

  • Woolnorth Windfarm

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An efficient maintenance system helps to improve the availability of high-value assets in rail, road, air and shipping organisations. The ability to identify common failures and take corrective action before a costly breakdown occurs will save your company money, and also improve the safety and productivity of your assets.

Maintenance Connection’s solution for the Transport industry enables scheduled maintenance and traceability of rotatable spare parts, and allows for predictive identification of common failures.


Key features:


  • Powerful reporting tools

  • Mobile application

  • Manages regulatory compliance

  • Integrated KPI Dashboard

  • Downtime and failure analysis

  • Manages rotatable spare parts and tools

  • Unparalleled service and support


Some of our Transport clients include:

  • Siemens

  • Southwest Airlines

  • Byron Group

  • Greatwide Distribution Logistics

  • Dexion Integrated Systems

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