Offline Mobile

Tablet users with no internet connection can download work orders and work offline, synchronising with the Maintenance Connection server when they are back online.

Offline Mobile

Offline Mobile gives your workforce extended access to Maintenance Connection.


MC Tablet Hybrid

Technicians can have up-to-the-minute access to their work assignments at their desk or their job site, using the inexpensive ‘sync and go’ function. All information about the assigned work order, tasks to complete and details about the asset being worked on is right at their fingertips, even when they’re disconnected from the network. Data can be updated directly in the program and uploaded to your main system when the technician is next connected to the network.


MC Tablet Hybrid:

  • Supports VOIP, handwriting recognition, CAD, mapping and other fully operational Windows programs
  • Full-screen application for windows tablet or netbook
  • Offline and web-connected option Maintenance Connection with synchronisation via wireless or USB
  • Tab-based interface for easy navigation
  • Integrates with native desktop applications such as Skype, Photo Viewer, CAD Viewer, and MS Office applications
  • Toggle portrait and landscape screen orientation


MCe Plus


Maintenance Connection will soon have a new offline mobile solution designed for smart phones and tablet devices including iPads.

MCe Plus is aimed at users who require basic Work Order functionality while they are not connected to the internet. Users of MCe Plus will be able to capture information on WO tasks, meter readings, asset specifications and have the ability to capture signatures as well.