Highly Secure and Reliable

The security of our cloud-based system is proven. Our Avnet data centre is ISO27001 certified and ASIO T4 Protective Security certified

Highly secure and reliable

We take security very seriously. In fact, our security certifications prove that our cloud-based system is more reliable and secure than an on-premise environment.

Maintenance Connection supports SSL logins, or can be integrated with MS Active Directory servers for a single sign-on solution. Modules, assets and functions can be configured for each user, enabling access to be expanded or limited.

ISO27001 certified

Our Avnet data centre, as well as our Premium Support team, is ISO27001 certified by an external, independent organisation. ISO 27001 systematically examines an organisation’s information security management system, identifying any information security risks and taking into account threats, vulnerabilities and their
impact. Avnet’s ISO 27001 certification verifies that:

  • Our systems are designed and used with comprehensive auditable controls against threats and risks
  • We have a mature risk
management practice in place that assesses and addresses any vulnerabilities
  • Our robust management process ensures that our information security controls continue to meet our information security needs on an on-going basis

ASIO T4 Protective Security certified

Avnet’s Australian data centres have also achieved ASIO T4 Protective Security certification and are classified as ‘Secure Areas’ in accordance with the Commonwealth Protective Security Manual 2005.

This certification ensures that all information stored within our data centres is protected by ASIO certified security systems that focus on securing human, information and physical resources from physical access threats or risks.