Flexible Technology

Our web-based software allows all employees, contractors and requesters to monitor and access their system from any location.

Flexible technology

Our customers demand technology that’s easier to administer and allows for more flexible integration. Maintenance Connection delivers on both counts, using the Microsoft Development Platform.

Immense scalability

Maintenance Connection’s scalability is a major benefit to organisations. With websites attracting thousands of visitors per day, forward planning capacity can be very difficult. The design and architecture of our system means it can be used regardless of whether the application has 10 or 10,000 concurrent users. 

Greater access

Management, staff, contractors and requesters can access Maintenance Connection at any time from any location in the world through a standard web browser. Organisations with multiple sites can easily keep their maintenance records in one place.

Maintenance Connection technology:

  • 100% web-based application that requires no installation so you can get up and running quickly 

  • Deployable on the internet (hosted online solution), or your site (self-hosted onsite solution)

  • Open architecture with easy integration to other applications (on similar or different platforms)

  • Built using standard Microsoft web technologies

  • Utilises Microsoft's SQL Server 2000 Relational Database Engine

  • Requires no Java applets, Active-X objects, plug-ins or proprietary code