Our easily customisable system allows you to optimise your CMMS to suit your business focus.

Customise, define, filter and search all your operational work orders in one place, including past, current and future.


This module enables you to schedule maintenance procedures to run on a routine basis.

The reporting centre lets you automatically generate customised lists, schedules and reports through predefined parameters.

Easily view, manage and keep track of your total business inventory in one central location.

Centralised information on all relevant aspects of your employees and contract labour, including schedules, training and work reports.

A unique feature that enables you to display work order information using a pivot table and then process actions within the matrix.

Attach pre-defined tasks and costs to either a work order or a preventative maintenance schedule.

Quickly build purchase orders or requests depending on your business process need, and print with a list of line items.

Set KPI's and monitor targets to measure the impact on asset and equipment performance and total maintenance costs.